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Functional Nutrition Counseling is a holistic approach to health that considers a person’s unique needs and aims to address the root cause of health issues. My counseling is not a fast fix or a cure all pill. We work together sustainably to gradually improve diet and the environment in which we live through individualized and manageable changes.

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Nurse To Farmer

Hi, I'm Alexa. I am a farm wife, dog mom, and registered nurse. I grew up in Rural Southern Indiana. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, growing plants, and being in the kitchen. As I have grown older, my cooking style has grown into attempting grandma's homestyle cooking with a modern healthy twist. Grandma got a lot of things right in her generation, but there are also things that current research has proven aren't so good for your health. You can't go wrong with the homestyle classics; heavy cream, butter and loads of cheese will make anything taste good. But what if we could make the classics in a cleaner way? A way that will not only fulfill your appetite, but nourish your body  in a sustainable way for years to come. We have got to get away from our quick grab and go American Diet filled with preservatives, chemicals, and high fructose corn syrup. It's not just our diets either, it's everything we use in our home. 

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Step 1: Premier Case Review

$600 for the package of four 1-hour sessions. All sessions will be held by phone or zoom.
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Timeline Session

In this session we will discuss your complete health history. Counselor will create a timeline for a graphical representation that will allow for client and clinician to identify factors that predispose, provoke, and contribute to pathological changes and dysfunction in the body. We work together to identify cause-effect relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed. We work from preconception to present to show the connection betweeen whole lifespan and one’s current helath

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Matrix Session

Held 5-7 days after initial session. The matrix is our #1 tool in functional nutrition counseling that allows the clinician and client to step back and assess, in order to find root causes of symptoms and diseases. This leads to answers that most other clinicians overlook because they did not take the time to see that everything in the body is interconnected. This is a living document that we will revisit in future sessions to reflect on progress.

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Nutrition Counseling

Held 7-10 days after Matrix Session. Client and clinician will start to analyze collected data on diet, hydration, mood, and bowel habits. Clinician will review any recent lab work. After careful assessment, the counselor will help implement protocols on nutrition, supplements, herbs/superfoods, and further lab tests that may be beneficial to the client’s unique needs. The counselor will provide education on how the body works for the client to truly start to understand, “what’s going on in there” and why they are implementing the specific interventions.

Step 2: Continuing Nutrition Counseling Services

*All meeting held by phone or zoom. Counselor available by email between sessions.
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Single Session


for a single 1-hour session with the functional nutrition counselor for continued work/maintenance on health issues. and further recommendations/education regarding their care.

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3 Pack Sessions


for three 1-hour sessions paced according to your needs. Must be used in 6 month time frame.

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6 Pack Sessions


for six 1-hours sessions paced according to your needs. Must be used within a year.

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