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Hi, I'm Alexa. I am a farm wife, dog mom, and registered nurse. I grew up in Rural Southern Indiana. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, growing plants, and being in the kitchen. As I have grown older, my cooking style has grown into attempting grandma's homestyle cooking with a modern healthy twist. Grandma got a lot of things right in her generation, but there are also things that current research has proven aren't so good for your health. You can't go wrong with the homestyle classics; heavy cream, butter and loads of cheese will make anything taste good. But what if we could make the classics in a cleaner way? A way that will not only fulfill your appetite, but nourish your body  in a sustainable way for years to come. We have got to get away from our quick grab and go American Diet filled with preservatives, chemicals, and high fructose corn syrup. It's not just our diets either, it's everything we use in our home. Cancers and chronic diseases are hitting middle aged Americans way sooner than ever before. Clean eating and living takes work, I won't lie to you.  Hell, I slip up too. But the constant effort to do better is for our health and our children's health. We've got to clean up the bad habits this earthly world has taught us and just get back to the basics, like grandma ;). Here on my page, you will find recipes and project posts for growing your own food, cleaning up your home, making your own medicine and eating in a clean resourceful way. You will quickly find that growing and preparing your own food is way more rewarding that you could have ever imagined.


After four years of nursing school,  I quickly realized my profession wasn't what I thought it would crack up to be. School was a safe haven, creating ideal scenarios and perfect solutions for providing care in our broken health care system. I entered college with such a fervor and passion to help people. I genuinely thought I would be changing lives. Turns out, I was far from it. I never went to the doctor as kid growing up, so I may have had a skewed vision of the work that I would actually be doing as a healthcare professional. Looking back at my childhood, what a blessing that my parents couldn't afford to pay for something that wasn't going to help me anyway. As a bedside nurse, I spend more of my time pushing pills that are only putting, "band-aids over bullet holes," so to speak, rather than actually getting to the root cause of what is actually wrong with the individual. Our health care systems treats the symptoms, not the problem. It saddens me that I am playing a part in this broken system every time I go to work. Patient's are prescribed a new pill for each new symptom that they have and the drug they are taking has more side effects than the actual problem they had in the first place. Before you know it, you're down a rabbit hole with a laundry list of drugs you have to take for the rest of a lifetime. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for synthetic drugs, but I don't believe pharmaceuticals should be the main treatment plan for the majority of patients in the beginning stages of being diagnosed with an illness. It's an easy fix. Take this pill once a day till the end of time. Educating patients actually takes work and time, that most providers don't have. We have to shift the healthcare model to focus on prevention and education, Most individuals are highly involved in their care and are willing to make healthy lifestyle changes to heal their body, mind, and soul in a natural way. Those are the folks that I want to work with. Those people need education and support rather than another high dollar prescription drug filling another rich man's pocket. Average people are capable of being their own health advocates. They just need support in their journey. We have this mentality that whatever the doctor says must be true. They're a doctor, the smartest person on the planet. But the reality is, they are preaching what their medical degree program taught them. Which is how to provide care in our fast paced, going no where quick, broke health system that needs to get people in and out. But what if we taught people how to not get sick in the first place? That's my dream job. Then hospitals might not be so inundated and available for those that actually need specialized care. And for the people who would like to stay complacent, rely on pharmaceuticals to manage their illnesses, and prefer to NOT make any lifestyle modifications that may push them out of their comfort zones, then I will let you know right now, that this page is not for you. That's okay. I will love and respect you anyway.  But when you decide you want better for yourself, I will always be here for you. 

My nursing degree was just a stepping stone, not an end destination to my calling. I'm still on my journey of fulfilling God's call to help people. Stick around, there's hope for you. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, then this will be the place for you. Coming in 2025! Functional Nutrition Coaching by yours truly. Combining my nursing knowledge, love of pathophysiology, and passion for growing your own food and cultivating a home that will help YOU change YOUR life. There's no miracle work around here or a pill to heal you, just hard work, and when you work hard, good things happen. 


Love, Lex :)

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