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Mission & Vision

The Future of Healthcare

Our Mission here at @NursetoFarmer is to support individuals on their journey to achieving optimal health by nursing their body's innate ability to thrive off natural resources provided here on God's Green Earth. Healthy and holistic living can be obtained in many different ways. In whatever ways you choose to live holistically, we are rooting for you! We promote growing your own fruits & vegetables, preserving your own foods, raising your own meat & eggs, making your own cleaning & skin products, cultivating your own herbal remedies, and getting in touch with nature.  

Join me on my journey to better health. I learn new things everyday on how I can improve my health. I'm not perfect by any means, life is a marathon, not a sprint. God put us here to help each other. The only way that you go higher is if you lift others higher. I am currently on my journey to transitioning to a more holistic way of living. I am still working as a bedside nurse as I work towards my certification in Functional Nutrition. My vision is to aide individuals in getting to the root of their problems by making diet and lifestyle modifications their number one priority. I want to put YOU back into control of YOUR own health. I believe as people become more educated on all of the hazardous chemicals found in a 21st Century life, many will be interested in getting freed from these disease causing substances. Similarly, folks will transition to correcting these self inflicted diseases with a natural approach. The future of healthcare is teaching yourself not to need it.  

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"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

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